Attention to Detail is Our Passion:

Since 1981 Alaska Cascade Financial Services has collected past due accounts for thousands of clients with and without legal proceedings. We've built our business reputation on being efficient and conscientious. Our clients range from small sole proprietorships to large interstate distributors. We employ a staff of highly-skilled collectors that are trained to motivate

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debtors to honor their financial obligations to you. We have the ability to increase your bottom line with a collection program tailored to fit your individual needs.

Specializing In:

  • Commercial and Construction Related Accounts

  • We Collect Small Claims, Judgments

  • Low Cost Demand Letter Service

  • Judgments Collected at 33% - Since 1981

  •  We Pursue All Types of Claims

  • Construction Accounts Are Our Specialty

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Telephone: (253) 952-1160